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Corporate, Corporate Governance, M&A and Compliance

We advise clients (i) on corporate planning, set up and execution; (ii) in the drafting and negotiations of (a) partners’ and shareholders’ agreements; and (b) investment contracts; (iii) in the dissolution and liquidation of partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations.

We review governance structure of publicly traded and closely held companies, including family businesses, family offices and holding companies.

We also provide legal advice on the acquisition and sale of equity interests, assets and other investments. We lead and conduct due diligence processes, assist in the preparation and negotiation of contracts (including share and asset purchase agreements); we represent clients in M&A deals (including preliminary negotiations, private auctions, signing, closing & post-closing, and tax planning).

We also provide legal advice on the formation of joint ventures, consortia, holding companies, special purpose entities and other collaborative investment models; in the preparation and holding of partners’ shareholders’ meetings; administrative procedures before the Registrar of Companies and other bodies.

We represent clients in corporate litigation and other complex corporate litigation (arbitration or judicial); in the transformation, spin-off, merger and consolidation of companies; obtaining authorization to operate companies and companies headquartered abroad.

We advise our clients on different matters related to compliance, such as the creation of internal policies and controls, prevention of money laundering; registration procedures, communication with regulators, suitability and training.